Looking for teaching or relieving jobs in Early Childhood Education? We can help.

Dynamic ECE is a specialist ECE recruitment agency. We connect ECE teachers like you with ECE centres across NZ. Whether youโ€™re starting your career, ready for your next exciting move or looking for relief teaching work, letโ€™s chat.

  • We offer competitive pay rates.

  • Having placed over 100,000+ relieving and permanent placements across NZ, we believe we can find your dream role

  • Whether you're Registered or Unregistered, we can find Early Childhood roles for you

  • Our Area Manager can assist you with all steps along the way!

ECE Jobs We Can Help You Get:

  • Early Childcare Jobs

    We work with a large network of Early Childhood centres and can assist you with finding your dream role.

  • ECE Reliever Jobs

    Looking for flexible work with great pay? We help both Registered and Unregistered ECE teachers find relief work.

  • Nursery and Daycare Jobs

    Dynamic ECE are in contact with a range of centres that are hiring daycare teachers and daycare assistants just like you. Contact us today to express your interest in our daycare and nursery jobs.

  • Unqualified ECE Jobs

    Dynamic ECE recruit Unregistered ECE teachers everyday! We'd love to hear from you!


How it works

Dynamic ECE is the sister brand of Jitbug and uses the Jitbug App to provide recruitment and staffing solutions to ECE centres across New Zealand.

After registering your interest, you will be contacted by one of our ECE employment consultants who will give you a call to learn more about your requirements and help get you started on the Jitbug App.

Once you're set up, you just need to sit back and wait for the applicants to start rolling in.


Hear from the people who have found work with Dynamic ECE.

  • โ€œ

    Thank you so much for your input into this new opportunity with me. Your support has enabled me to begin following a new and exciting career path for myself. I have been offered a role within the Ministry and have chosen to take it... Once again, thank you Brittany, Dynamic is lucky to have you.


  • โ€œ

    I would like to say that you guys offer a good service. Your relievers are so friendly and helpful. Thank you for your availability! You are awesome and love your fast replies as that's what we need when we don't have enough staff.


  • โ€œ

    If you feel passionate about our young children and love seeing their growth and development, then becoming a Dynamic ECE Reliever is the job for you. Every-day is full of adventure and excitement, you never quite know where your day will take you.




How much do you pay?

It varies depending on which region you are in. But typically, we operate on a tier system. As you are favorited by more centres, we move you up a tier. Our pay rates are very competitive.

When can I begin working for you?

We have a due diligence process that involves contacting your references and doing a police check. So it does depend on how quickly your referees or the police check get back to us

How long are shifts?

It can vary anywhere between 4 to 8.5 hours, depending on the centre's requirements. We will let you know how long the shifts are before you apply.

I am not trained - can I still relieve?

Yes, you can still relieve as a Unregistered Reliever. We do however require that you have previous ECE experience

Can I choose the days I work?

Yes, you can!

Do you offer part time and full time roles?

Yes, we offer both =)

Do I need previous work experience to get started?

Yes we do. We also need references related to relevant ECE work.

Do I need to be a Registered Teacher?

We have relieving and permanent roles for both Registered and Unregistered Teachers

What does a normal day at an ECE job look like?

It varies depending on the centre's needs. The main role is to support the centre with whatever they need.

How much is an unqualified ECE teacherโ€™s salary in NZ?

The average unqualified ECE teacher salary in NZ for someone beginning their career can vary from $46,000 to $54,000 depending on experience. Contact Dynamic ECE to find out more using the form below.

How much does it cost to register as an ECE reliever with Dynamic ECE?

There is no cost to join as a Dynamic ECE Reliever

What is relieving with Dynamic ECE like?

Relieving is a good way to see how childcare centres operate. Also, to immerse yourself with different early childhood education teaching practices and philosophies.

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