Wellbeing in Self-Isolation

31 March 2020, by Jitbug

We are all doing our part to help get this virus under control and eventually slow down the spread. Thank you for staying at home and saving other people’s lives.

New Zealand is currently at Alert Level 4, meaning that the Government has enforced a nationwide lockdown, with people only being able to leave their homes to purchase essential items only. We are still able to exercise outside to get some fresh air, however we must stay two metres apart from others and only stay with those in our isolation bubble.

The government have also reviewed the ‘essential service’ businesses and announced today the re-opening of The Warehouse, Noel Leeming and PB Tech  online to deliver to houses all over New Zealand - please note this is only essential goods such as computers, bedding, heaters and toasters etc. 

Although staying in the comfort of our home is enjoyable, after a while it can get challenging! Here are some great tips from New Zealand’s Ministry of Health for maintaining wellbeing and looking after your mental health while we are in self-isolation. We are all in this together, the more we resist against the requirements the longer we will have to stay in lockdown! Kia Kaha, New Zealand.